About Us

We are tell you about us for taking the time to get to know us better. Here are a few things about us that we feel you might like to know !

Cubedekho.com is india no 1 leading store. We started back in 2014 with a mission to provide many type of students , teachers parents workshop and seminars and different types of training since 2007 . And in the 15 years of this journey with you we have over 1.5 lakh people ,500 seminars and all over India and 35 students make and break the world records

Cubedekho.com is a one brand of "Rainbowz MIND Studio "solution to all your students to learn big things , be it official Rubik's cube ,chess puzzles, , cubic and non cubic puzzles, twisters like different types of cube ,t shirts ,and keyring etc, all these are just a few clicks away.
thus making these accessories available at very affordable prices
We launch to bring the latest and new cubes and puzzles from all your favorite brands We are committed to provide the best quality, low prices,genuine puzzles and a hassle free shopping experience.

We are thankful to the speed-cuber community for all the love and trust. In our attempt to give it back to the community, we help organizers of official and unofficial speed-cubing events also across the country by providing equipment . In an endeavor to encourage the record holder and top cubing talent of the country that identifies and supports the top cubers in India!

We hope you are enjoying the shopping experience with us.

Happy Rubik's Cuber

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